Before and After Photo Galleries

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when researching a prospective Plastic Surgeon for a breast augmentation procedure. You will want to make sure they are board certified, have the education and experience necessary, as well as a good reputation among their peers and patients. A good way to get an idea of their work is by looking at their before and after photo galleries of their previous patients.

View Dr. Andreasen’s Inland Empire before and after breast augmentation photos.

All patients are different and come into the office with unique needs, goals and concerns which much be address individually. For this reason, no two results may be alike or able to exactly tell you what you’re potential results may look like. What it can do is show a good overview of a Plastic Surgeon’s quality and consistency of work as well as help prospective patients get a general idea of what kind of results can be realistically expected. It can also help patients see what different options look like from different implant types and sizes and more.

Contact our office if you would like to see more photo’s and to discuss your options.

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