Inland Empire Breast Revision

Women who are dissatisfied with a previous Plastic Surgeon’s work, with the size, shape, or placement of the implants, as well as women who have rippling, rupture or capsular contracture, may opt for a Revision Breast Augmentation.

Dr. Andreasen understands the frustration and empathizes with women who have had a previously bad Breast Augmentation experience and works had to ensure all of their patients, whether undergoing a first time Breast Augmentation or a Revision Breast Augmentation, feel safe, understood and cared for- most importantly, they work hard to ensure the work is done right, the first time.

If you are unhappy with your current Breast Augmentation, we invite you to contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation at Inland Empire Plastic Surgery. Our helpful, friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any question or concerns you may have.

Click here to view our Revision Breast Augmentation before and after photo gallery.

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