What Could Potential Results Look Like?

One of the most difficult things prospective patients face in their plastic surgery journey is struggling to imagine what various plastic surgery results could look like. One great way to get an idea of what results may be achieved is by looking at previous patient’s results in your plastic surgeons before and after gallery, but of course, these results are unique to that particular patient’s goals and concerns. To help patients visualize what a procedure may be able to achieve for them, many plastic surgeons are offering new, exciting technologies which help patients better visualize what their results may look like.

One of these new programs is called SurgeryMorph. You can use it online from the comfort of your own home. Just follow the link, upload your photo and click whichever procedure you are consider to see what adjustments may look like on you. Once you have made an adjustment you are happy with, you can even e-mail your before and after it to your Dr. Andreasen and together can discuss if these results are possible and devise a plan to achieve them if they are.

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